About Us

When living in outer eastern suburb of Melbourne, we love going bush with friends. Like others, we started with a tent, then we upgraded to a rooftop tent above our 4WD and eventually we settled for a caravan. We soon found ourselves looking for a place to park this beast (as space is something we didn’t have back then). Unknown to us at the time, we were one of thousands faced the same dilemma. Eventually, we found a place to store our caravan and it was some 40km away!

Fast forward to 2017 and we stumbled onto a five acre land just outside Lara, Victoria. We were at the right place at the right time. We knew our home in Melbourne was in a sought after suburb, so we moved to the farm! It was right in the heart of growing northern suburb of Geelong where large housing estates started to replace farms. So we were excited for what we could have on this property (in addition to the existing cattery). Along with many other ideas, a storage yard for boats and caravans was one of them.

Our back paddock was very large and flat and it housed 3 goats that came with the property. So it was natural for us to use it in a more productive way. The storage yard was a perfect fit, because it retained the rural character without constructing new buildings. Afterall, we wanted a change of lifestyle.